How We Do It


Everything at Enigma is done my way, whether I working for you or a member of my team is working on your case.

That means :

  1. You can understand everything we say. I know, most lawyers say that, then in the next sentence talk about an ex parte application for an extension of time for service of the amended claim form prior to the expiry of the secondary limitation period, and throw in a bit more Latin for extra fun.
  2. We put you in control. It’s your case. Our job is to give you the options and our advice, and to do what you say !
  3. We are committed, determined and enthusiastic.
  4. We are clear about costs, and we try to be flexible. If we can help you to minimise your costs, we will tell you how. If we think something is a waste of time and / or money, we will tell you why. Should you really pay £20 plus VAT for every single telephone call, no matter how brief ? Should you really have to demand a breakdown of your bill ? Should you really be (unpleasantly) surprised when you receive a bill ?
  5. We do not care about 9am or 5pm. We don’t charge more if we work for you before 9am or after 5pm and if you need emergency work out of hours, we will make every effort to get the job done.
  6. We don’t leave you in the dark for days / weeks / months on end. Emails and mobile phones keep us in contact with you, when you need us.