Inheritance / Probate Disputes

Inheritance / Probate Disputes

We conduct a variety of claims of this nature. 

This includes cases where the validity of a will is challenged, either because of a technical deficiency in the will, or because it is believed that the person making the will was wrongly pressured into making the will, or lacked the mental capacity to make the will.

We also take on cases where somebody has made a will but it fails to make reasonable financial provision for a partner or family member of the deceased.

Cases of this nature almost inevitably involve family disputes and require a certain degree of professionalism and understanding on the part of the solicitors.

In most cases, we will offer you a free meeting and / or take a look at your papers for free. 

In many cases, we may be able to follow that up with a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement.

These cases are often complex and involve potentially high costs and high risks. We work with a leading After The Event insurer which can in many cases underwrite these risks for you.​​